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Zhang Liang Mala Tang joined the brand was established in 2008. It comes from Heilongjiang Province in the three provinces of Northeast China and belongs to Heilongjiang Zhang Liang Catering Management Co., Ltd. The founder Mr. Zhang Liang saw Mala Tang joined with his unique keen eyes and market insight. Prospects of the industry, the headquarters deliberately delves into various hot and spicy production techniques, special sauces and ingredients, plus a variety of fresh vegetables, soy products and mushroom foods, which are well received by consumers in our country. Now, let Zhang Liang Mala Tang become the benchmark enterprise in the domestic industry!

Based on the front line of catering, Zhang Liang Catering constantly learns and feedbacks the supervision and control of the front end, and strives to create a first-class, high-quality Mala Tang franchise brand. Bright Mala Tang begins!

Zhang Liang Catering Management Co., Ltd.

Address: Tuanhe Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

Phone: 15705813681

Mobile: 15705813681

Contact: Manager Song

Phone: 400-601-7198

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